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Phone 609-924-0112
Fax 609-924-3612

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Dear Friends and Customers 

Our business, Hinksons was purchased by Harold Hinkson from William Sinclair in 1919 just at the end of the 1918 Spanish flu. Here we are 101 years later facing a similar global pandemic due to the COVID-19 crisis. We are faced with the possibility of shutting down our unique store that has been the cornerstone of the Princeton community for office supplies and much more.

We have survived big box stores, e-commerce giants and fierce competition but we are not certain we can survive this economic challenge…at least not alone.

Our doors are open 11:00am – 4:00pm, Monday thru Saturday and we are taking phone and e-mail orders 24/7. If you come by, we will practice social distancing, contactless pickup to keep our staff safe. Additionally, we have kept our full staff on payroll and continue to pay them.

The GoFundMe page is a humble ask to our fellow Princetonians (far and wide!) to help us keep operations afloat until we see a return to some type of normalcy.

We stress that all donations will be put toward the employees’ payroll, account payables, rent, and utilities.

We have always valued the support our customers and the community have given us. We are very appreciative of any donation we receive and wish that you are staying safe, healthy and sane during this challenging time.

Thank you,
Andrew & John​